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“ Shorty Cuts has changed the convenience of texting forever. Id much rather hit a few acronym buttons then type out everything!
Way to go Shorty Cuts!! ”

How it works

Shorty Customs keyboards allows you to create each key yourself. It's fast, fun and a snap. You can send words (acronyms) or a complete phrase with the touch of your custom key. Use the keyboard to create and communicate in a secret language with your friends and family or within your business. build as many pages as you want, Scroll and type. It is great for people of all ages and in any Language.

With Shorty Customs, you're also able to text and post to Facebook and Twitter simultaneously. Say goodbye to misspelled words and touching the wrong keys. You will "Love" Shorty Customs and while chatting, you can use it as your default keyboard... Time is Money. Patent Pending.

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